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Product introduction:
       The centrifuge is used in explosive or flammable applications  in   chemical   industry,  petrochemical industry, pharmacy industry and other industries, and any leakage of gas into the external atmosphere is prohibited in the course of solid-liquid separation, or used in solid-liquid separation in applications in which explosion may be caused if the external air enters the inner chamber of the centrifuge. Both ends of the bowl and the liquid outlet are airtight to achieve the airtight and f|ameproof effect.

Structure and principle of airtight seal:
       The gas-tight seal is a special structure consisting of the mechanical seal and inert gas supply device. It effectively prevents the external air from penetrating into the inner chamber of the centrifuge, and prevents the gas inside the centrifuge from leaking into the external environment.
       The seal device consists of several seal rings and glands, and separates the inner chamber of the centrifuge from the surrounding environment. The inert gas is injected into the space among the seal rings, and then penetrates into the inner chamber of the centrifuge and the external environment through the narrow sealing clearance.
       The pressure of inert gas is higher than those of the inner chamber of the centrifuge and the external atmosphere, therefore,entrance of air into the inner chamber of the centrifuge or escape of the gas out of the inner chamber of the centrifuge can be avoided.

Seal of the centrifuge:
Atmospheric centrifuges are the standard version. They are used for applications where there is no harm from products or vapors released to the environment and where it is not necessary to isolate the centrifuge bowl from the surrounding atmosphere.

Vapor-tight  centrifuge  seal  is  the  right  choice  in  cases  where substances emitted from the process could pollute the environment or if contact of the product with ambient air is undesirable.

Gas-tight centrifuge allow the safe operation with toxic, corrosive or flammable media by applying inert purge gas to rotor seals and by inertizing the process chamber and centrifuge housing.

LWF Explosion-proof Decanter Centrifuge System
Attention: due to the principle of sealing, some of the injected inert gas will leak into the surrounding environment. Therefore, it is required to make sure that there should be enough oxygen in the operation environment It is necessary to install an additional environment monitoring system (such as gas detector) so as to ensure personne| safety.

LWF Technical parameter