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LW Decanter Centrifuges

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Operating principle :
       Separation takes place in a horizontal bowl equipped with a scroll conveyor. The process material is fed into the bowl through a stationary inlet tube and is smoothly accelerated in the accelerate chamber Centrifugal forces cause instant sedimentation of the solids on the wall of the bowl. The conveyor rotates in the same direction as the bowl, but at a different speed, thus moving the solids towards the conical end of the bowl

Main applications:
     LW  series decanter centrifuge is a horizontal centrifuge with continuous feeding and continuous discharge. It is applicable for two-phase (solid-liquid) separation and three-phase (solid-liquid-liquid) separation in the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection,mining, food and other industries.
◆ Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
◆ Oil & gas drilling mud/fluid control
◆ Washing, classification and dewatering of amylum and starch
◆ Mycelium separation from zymotic fluid of antibiotic
◆ Dewatering of soybean and wheat protein
◆ Dewatering of fish power and fish meet
◆ Dewatering of grains
◆ Clarification and extraction of fruit juice
◆ Clarification and pu rification for animal and vegetable oil
◆ Production and extraction of olive oil, palm oil, avocado oil
◆ Separation and purification for coal tar
◆ Grading of kaolin and graphite
◆ Classification and dewatering for dyestuff and pigment
◆ Float wash of extractive coal and dewatering of coal mud
◆ Classification and dewatering for minerals

Main constructional features :
◇Vertical base design and symmetrical arrangement of motor and bowl assembly, that ensures stable operation and less vibration
◇Main parts such as the bowl and conveyor are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or duplex steel, offering high maximum bowl speed and high centrifugal force.
◇Dual motor drive makes bowl speed and conveyor speed adjustable.
◇Screw conveyor flights tiled or lined with ceramic, tungsten carbide, or other hard alloys.
◇Optional planetary gearbox and hydraulic gearbox, offering wide range of differential speed adjustment.
◇Multiple safety protection: bowl speed and differential speed detection, over-vibration protection, motor overload and overheat protection, bearing temperature monitoring, conveyor torque protection and gas-tight explosion-proof protection.
◇JG type rubber vibration isolator, no need of anchor bolts.
Wear Protection:
1  Scroll with welded hard facing or spray coating
2  Scroll inlaid with tungsten carbide tiles
3   Bowl inner wall welding with high strength wear resistant strips
Replaceable tungsten carbide tiles HRA89-90

Solid discharge port
1. Tungsten carbide or ceramic bushings
2. Simple structure and easily replacement
3. Low maintenance cost

Hydraulic Scroll Driving System
      The hydraulic conveyor driving is a closed driving system,including the centrifuge  bowl  and  conveyor.  It  is independent  from  the   bowl  driving.The hydraulic conveyor driving is different from other mechanical conveyor driving system which relies on bowl rotating to generate differential speed.  The  hydraulic  driving device is directly mounted on the conveyor assembly, and is driven by hydraulic pump aggregate. Therefore it is independent from the bowl driving system.

Operating principle:
     The hydraulic conveyor gearbox is connected with the bowl of the decanter centrifuge, both of them rotates in high speed. The spline shaft on the gearbox rotor is connected with the conveyor, and rotates in different speed driven by the high pressure  oil,  that's  we  call  the  differential  speed. The conveyor gearbox is connected with the hydraulic pump by flexible hose, so there is no need of gearbox between the bowl and  conveyor.  Conveyor  torque  gives  pressure  to  the hydraulic  system.  With  the  action  of  such  pressure,  the different speed can by adjusted by adjusting the oil supply and flow rate.

Main features:
◇No gear driving device required
◇No damage to the parts due to overload
◇Free of torque vibration (fluttering)
◇Direct readable torque and differential speed △n
◇△n independent from bowl speed
◇Minimum moisture content of sludge
◇High clarification of liquid phase
◇Power for solid conveying varying from solid loads
◇Dewatering varying from changes in △n
◇“Constant"   moisture content of sludge
◇Non-sensitive to feeding quantity, minimize blockage
◇Safety pin design ensuring safe operation