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PAUT Top-suspended Bottom Discharge Scraper Centrifuges

Release time:2018-08-06 10:03:39

Main features:
◇Upper type direct drive for motor, rotating center for drive and drum coincide with machine center, with smooth and stable operation
◇Liquid damping vibration absorber: No foundation for installation facilitates operation and maintenance.
◇large length -diameter ratio, big loading capacity.
◇Rigidly joint between base and case, offering simple and compact construction
◇Independent bearing seat, large bearing support span, low basket gravity center, larger carrying capacity
◇Driving without belt, ensures no friction dust
◇Fully-automatic operation program control,ensuring reliable and safe operation.
◇Nitrogen protection system is available for explosion-proof application
Optional configurations:
◇Feed type: Side feed through single or multiple nozzles
◇Scraper discharge: hydraulic
◇Motor d rive: Motor driving General motor, explosion-proof motor, frequency conversion motor
◇Safety protection: Nitrogen protection (anti-explosion) system, vibration protection, mechanical and electrical interlocking protection, overload protection, material level detection
◇Surface treatment: Mirror finishing, matt finishing, and dulling
◇Outlet hopper: Diameter and height can be configured according to the requirements of customers
◇Residual solid cake treatment: Roller-aided scraper, Air counter-blowing, Air blow device on scraper.
◇program control: Programmable control
◇Nitrogen protection system: Automatic nitrogen supply device, oxygen detection device, hydraulic sealing device and gas-liquid separator
◇Coating treatment: HALAR lined and PE lined

PAUTTechnical parameters: