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LGZ/PGZ Series Bottom Discharge Scraper Centrifuges

Release time:2018-08-03 16:38:15

       LGZ/PGZ  series  centrifuge  is  a  type  of centrifugal  separation  machinery  with  high scientific content, and several configuration options  are  available.  Featuring  asepsis,sanitation,  enclosed  explosion-proof,multiple  safety  protections  and  several configuration options, this series centrifuge is controlled by a fully-automatic program, and has  been  widely  used  in  such  industries  as pharmacy, fine chemistry and food.

Operating principle:
       The  automatic  bottom  discharge  scraper  centrifuge  is  vertical  fully-automatic filtration centrifuge. The motor drives the basket to rotate at high speed through the belt,and under the control of pre-written program, the material to be separated is fed into the basket through the feed system. After the material is filtered through the filtration medium (filter cloth/screen) under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid phase discharges out of the centrifuge through the liquid pipeline, and the solid phase is retained in the basket.A  material  detection  device  is used to detected material  filling  position in real-time manner, and when the solid cake deposited in the basket reaches the specified holding capacity of the centrifuge, feeding stops. Then wash and dry the solid cake. After the solid cake meets requirements for knock-out, the centrifuge reduces to the scrapingrate, under the hydraulic (pneumatic) control, the scraper device removes the solid cake,and then the cake id discharged at bottom outlet of the centrifuge.
       Apply  to  separating  the  suspension containing particles,  but also  fibers,  especially the  highly  sticky,  containing  micro particles, poisonous and flammable materials, like antibiotics, vitamins, and minerals, salts, gourmet powders, foodstuff additives,amylum, sugar, chemical flavors, thiamin, plasters, Glauber's salt, bluestone, potassium chloride, borax, dyestuffs, pigment, resin,pesticides, and environmental protection. The centrifuge is highly automated, has large capacity and can be remote-controlled.

Operating process:

Main features of LGZ/PGZ centrifuge:
◇Platform base structure could lower the center of gravity and stabilize the machine.4-point  supporting,liquid vibration damping and no-foundation  installation  form;improved the vibration isolation and damping performance
◇Independent inclined feed disk, even and controlled feed
◇Air recoil and pneumatic auxiliary scraper: Minimizing the residual solid cake to facilitate filtering cloth regeneration
◇Nitrogen protection system: Applicable to anti-explosion applications
◇Big hinged cover and fully hinged cover constructions:Cleaning device  is  set  inside centrifuge cavity  to  make online cleaning for the centrifuge and thus to avoiding cross contamination against the products
◇ Multiple  safety  protection  devices:  over-vibration protection,  over-current  protection,  thermal  control protection, cake layer controller,  protection  for  scraper movement, protection when open the cover, various signs and warning identifications.
◇ PLC  control,  touch  screen,  inverter  control,  dynamic braking,feedback  braking,self-diagnosis of equipment fault, automatic control panel and DCS control interface.
◇Polished internal/external surfaces with roughness up to Ra0.2 ~0.4μm, complying with cGMP.

Technical parameters: