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PLD Bag-pulling Bottom Discharge Scraper Centrifuges

Release time:2018-07-31 17:27:43


       PLD series bag-pulling  bottom discharge scraper centrifuge is a type  of  new  product  with  fully  independent  intellectual  property independently  developed  by  us.  This  series  centrifuge  retains  such primary functions offered in the LGZ series as the solid-liquid separation and scraper discharge, and adds such function as to remove the residual solid cake by pulling filter cloth with the removal rate higher than 99%.PLD series avoids crossing and mixing of different batches of separated
products, and also eliminates the effects of the residual solid cake on the basket wall. It is mainly used in the solid-liquid separation process in such industries as pharmacy, food, gourmet powder and chemistry.

Operating principle:
      Material to be separated enters into the basket of the centrifuge that is rotating at high speed through a feeding pipe, and under action of the centrifugal field, the material passes through the filter cloth (screen)  for filtration. Then the liquid phase discharges through the discharge pipeline, while the solid phase is retained in the basket. Feeding stops once the basket is filled with the material, then wash the solid cake, and discharge the washing liquid through filtration. The centrifuge continues to rotate to spin-dry the solid cake. After the solid cake meets the requirements for separation, the centrifuge reduces its speed, and removes the cake by means of the scraper, then discharges the cake out of the centrifuge. The centrifuge further reduces its speed so that the pneumatic pulling bag device moves reciprocally to shake off the residual solid cake, thus completely eliminating the solid cake.

Operation procedures of PLD centrifuge:

Main features of PLD centrifuge:
In addition to all main features of the LGZ series centrifuge, the PLD series centrifuge features as follows:
◇Removing the residual solid cake by bag-pulling method. Eliminate all solid cakes left over the process of scraper discharging through reciprocal movement of the pneumatic pulling bag device, to realize complete discharging and filtering cloth regeneration.
◇Design of removable lip ring in the basket with reliable self-locking, which is easy for changing the filter cloth.
◇External cylinder+rod drive design, reliable in work
◇Fully-enclosed discharge hopper design separating the material from the driving components of the centrifuge.
Optional configurations:
◇ External  construction:  Multiple  constructionsincluding big hinged cover, fully hinged cover and flatcover
◇Feed type: Inclined feed disk, side feed pipe, middlefeed pipe and material level detection device
◇Scraper discharge: Pneumatic, hydraulic and liquid-phase skimming disc
◇Motor drive: Common motor, inverter-duty motor and explosion-proof motor
◇  Safety  protection:  Nitrogen  protection  (anti-explosion)  system,  vibration  protection,  temperature protection,  electric-mechanical  interlocking,  speed monitoring and overload protection.
◇CIP system: Cleaning ball and spray pipe
◇ Washing  mode:  Atomized  nozzle  rinsing,  feed  disk washing, pulse type washing
◇Nitrogen protection system: Automatic control device,hydraulic sealing device and gas-liquid separator.

Rapid replacement of PLD pulling bag:
Step1: open the lid (hydraulic operation)
Step2: Take down the snap ring of basket lip of filter bag and take out the steady pin of liquid interception plate and life out the liquid interception plate.
Step3: Take down the snap ring under filter bag and take out the old filter bag.
Step 4: install the new filter bag and tension the snap ring under filter bag.
Step 5: install the liquid interception plate and steady pin of liquid interception plate  and  tension  the snap ring of liquid interception port of filter bag.
Step 6: close the flip and lock it.
Step 7: inspect the fitting condition of filter bag and confirm it by pulling bad.
Main technical parameters