Welcome to the official website of jiangsu huada centrifuge co., LTD.
       Founded in 1993, Jiangsu Huada Centrifuge Co., Ltd. is located at Zhangjiagang City, an emerging port city in China, which is
situated in China’s most economically advanced Yangtze River Delta region, with convenient traffic and beautiful environment.
       Over 20 years, Huada had always been being devoted to research and development, production and marketing of filtration andseparation  machinery.  With  technical  innovation  as  driving  force  of  the  enterprise  to  participate  in  market competition,  we  have developed series of centrifuges with high technical content, to meet the market demand; to gain the market by serving customers, we have accumulated extensive experience in application through years of technical research and development and sales application and mcan provide perfect pre-sale, sale  and after-sale service; we ensure product quality with lean management and improve product reliability.
       Huada is a member of Technical Committee for Standardization of Chinese Separation Machinery, a vice president of Separation Machinery Branch of China General Machinery Association, a drafter of national and industrial standards on centrifuges, a high-techenterprise in Jiangsu Province and a key high-tech enterprise for national torch plan. In 1998, our centrifuges acquired national safetycertification. Huada is one of enterprises in domestic filtration and separation machinery industry which is the largest in scale, the mostcomplete in product varieties and series, the most competitive and the most influential.Huada has a large number of engineers and technical personnel who account for over one third of total number of employees. Itowns an engineering technology research center of Jiangsu Province and establishes multiple professional teams of technical research and development, technical application, process design, inspection and testing, lean production management, etc. and we have made great achievements. We have successfully developed multiple new products and technologies having proprietary intellectual property rights and  , national  invention patent which  include  vertical  pull-bag  automatic  discharge  centrifuges,  horizontal  preconcentration filtering  centrifuge,  intelligent  remote  control  system technology and so on, as well as obtained good  market  application;  we  have resolved difficult problems on filtration and separation for users. By using our experience, for customers personalized requirements, we can  design  practical  and  feasible  technical  schemes  on  separation  tailored  for  customers;  also,  full  consideration  is  given to improvement of working environment. Design idea of automation and humanization is always implemented in the process of design and manufacturing. We believe that we are not only stronger than others to some extent in terms of service, quality and reliability, but more importantly we are good at listening to opinions of customers. We are in favour of an important principle: “Open to customers”. We carry out optimum design and modular design of centrifuges, to improve the versatility of parts and to facilitate industrialized production;establish  parts processing line and assembly line with professional division of labor and process refinement, mould, NC processing technology, etc according to process characteristics; and establish lean production management system, to ensure product quality and
production cycle.
        Huada currently has two production bases, covers floor area of 100000 square meters and plan area of 45000 square meters, as well as owns more than 500 sets of various mechanical processing equipment among which there are over 50 sets of numerical control equipment and more than 100 sets of various testing equipment.
        Due  to  the  working  characteristic  of  centrifuges,  customers  attach  great  importance  to  safety  of  centrifuges  in  use.  As  a manufacturer,  we  do  not  dare  to  take  it  lightly.  Centrifuge  safety  performance  is  fully  controlled  in  the  process  of  design  and manufacture. Each link in design calculation, production process control, test and inspection operates as per procedure to minimize remaining risk.
        Our business philosophy is scientific and reasonable design, more perfect manufacturing, professional and standard service. We will provide service to our customers with constant technical innovation, perfect products and professional experience in application.
        In  2015,  Huada  become  a  wholly-ownedholding  company  of   Scimee  Sci.& Tech.Co.,Ltd. ( Stock abbreviation: Scimea. Stock Code:300425) As a public company, Huada will gain greater market development  opportunities,  more  human  resources and scientific research investment, more standardized management  and better development on the platform of Scimee. 
        Scimee   Sci.&   Tech. Co., Ltd.  (stock   abbreviation:Scimee.  Stock  code:  300425)  focuses  on  development  and application of magnetic separation water purification technology
and is the largest domestic magnetic separation water purification equipment  manufacturing  enterprise.  Based  on  magnetic separation water purification technology, in light of biochemical
treatment  technology,  biological  -  ecological  water  repair technology,  membrane  technology  and  other  applicable technology  in sewage  treatment area,  our  business covers the
whole process of integrated services of industrial and municipal water  treatment  project  including  investment  and  financing,consulting  assessment,  scheme  design, equipment  integration,construction  and  operation  management  and  we  become  a provider  of  whole  water treatment solution and comprehensive environmental services.