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Over the years, it has always focused on the research and development, production and sales of filtration and separation machinery, and has insisted on building an open and win-win cooperation system to lead the industry with scientific and reasonable technological innovation, win the market with specialized and standardized customer service, guarantee quality with excellent management and provide solutions to the solid-liquid separation problems for each customer with concentrated attention.


Technology development for nearly 30 years

Three production bases + one research center

RMB 60 million

A registered capital of RMB 60 million

Covering an area of 200,000 square meters

680 employees

More than 700 sets of production equipment

More than200 sets of testing equipment

82 patents

82 patents for invention

Productivity of 3,000 sets/ year


Product overview

The vertical scraper discharge automatic centrifuge is a new product developed independently by our company, which has a number of patents in one, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. This series of products are batch batch processing separation equipment, after unloading the filter media can be regenerated. The product can realize remote intelligent control automatic production and on-line fault diagnosis.

Such products, mainly including: PLD type bag type scraper automatic centrifuge, LGZ scraper discharge type automatic centrifuge, PGZ scraper discharge type automatic centrifuge, PAUT hanging on the scraper discharge type automatic centrifuge, clean (full clamshell) scraper discharge automatic centrifuge, insulation type scraper discharge centrifuge automatic and so on six big series more than 50 specifications.


Product overview

The flat plate upper discharge centrifuge is a high cost product with advanced structure design, small floor space, low failure rate, easy maintenance and wide applicability. The machine has low center of gravity, stable operation, and the crystal of separated materials is not easy to be broken, especially suitable for the material separation of clean area and high hygienic standard.

The products mainly include: PSD bag centrifuge, PSB/PBZ upper discharge centrifuge, PQFB/PQFD clean full flip centrifuge, low temperature immersion centrifuge and other 6 series with more than 40 specifications.


Product overview

Horizontal automatic filter centrifuge is a continuous operation, intermittent or continuous operation, can complete the feeding, separation, washing, dewatering, unloading and other processes at full speed. The product has the characteristics of high separation factor, short single cycle time, large handling capacity and so on, and it can obtain relatively dry filter residue and good washing effect.

This kind of products mainly include: GK type horizontal scraper automatic unloading centrifuge, GKH siphon type horizontal scraper automatic unloading centrifuge, GKF clean horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge, FW type bag turning automatic centrifuge, HR piston pushing material filter centrifuge, 5 series more than 30 specifications.


Product overview

LW horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge adopts advanced conjugate DC bus drive technology, large aspect ratio design, advanced structural design and cooling and wear resistance technology. The product design is simple, efficient, scientific and reasonable, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food, metallurgical, energy and other industries.

This kind of products mainly include: LW conventional horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge, LWX centripetal pump liquid sedimentation centrifuge, LWS three-phase separation sedimentation centrifuge, LWZ settlement filtration centrifuge, LWFX flashover sedimentation centrifuge and other five series with more than 20 specifications.


Product overview

LLW series horizontal spiral filter centrifuge is an advanced solid-liquid separation equipment with low energy consumption, high performance, continuous work, good separation effect, high production efficiency and high degree of automation. It is mainly suitable for material separation with large particle size and no strict requirements on particle damage.

This kind of product mainly includes: LLWZ concentrated filtration type, LLW conventional type, LLW hydraulic type, LLW spiral feed type 4 series nearly 20 kinds of specifications.


Product overview

Our company produces the integration of environmental protection equipment is mainly composed of LW series spiral discharge sedimentation machine (or fold screw machine), automatic preparation of flocculant dosing device, sludge crushing cutting machine, sludge drying equipment, shaftless screw conveyor and complete control system, has the advanced structure, mobile and flexible, high degree of automation, continuous airtight operation, reliable running etc. Suitable for municipal sewage, rural sewage, hospital sewage and all kinds of industrial sewage and solid waste treatment.


Vertical Top Discharge Centrifuges

Peeler Centrifuges

Decanter Centrifuges

Horizontal Screen Worm Centrifuges

Integrated Environmental Protection Equipment

Automatic Vertical Bottom Discharge Scraper Centrifuges

Environmental industry

Environmental protection: mainly used in municipal, agricultural pollution, printing and dyeing, papermaking, leather and other industries of sewage purification, sludge dehydration and drying


New energy field

New energy field: mainly used in graphite, nano carbon, nickel salt, cobalt salt, manganese salt and other ternary precursor lithium electricity industry


Metallurgical field: mainly used in copper, zinc, aluminum and other metal refining and mining, drilling, metallurgy and other industries

Food field

Food: mainly used in salt, monosodium glutamate, food additives, starch, sugar, seasoning, pigment and other industries

Pharmaceutical field

Pharmaceutical field: mainly used in antibiotics, vitamins, Chinese herbal medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates, biological products, biochemical drugs, sanitary materials and other industries

chemical industry

Chemical industry: mainly used in salt, fertilizer, dye, resin, polymer, fiber, composite materials, cosmetics, pesticide and pharmaceutical industries



01Free technical consultation

To provide customers with free advanced separation solutions and technical support, including material analysis, product selection, process solutions, configuration solutions, etc.


02 免费方案策划



03 免费现场试验



04 免费指导安装



05 免费指导调试



06 免费客户培训



07 质保期内免费维修



08 免费设备软件升级



09 产品技术不适用可申请免费更换




It has focused on the R&D and application of filtration and separation technologies for nearly 30 years, making the products more specialized and advanced.



It has a professional quality management team and standardized inspection procedures to achieve effective control over the whole process of design, procurement, manufacturing, services, etc., to ensure that each product is acceptable and traceable.



With experience in separation of more than 3,000 kinds of materials, it can meet the on-site anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, GMP and other requirements of the customers, and realize remote intelligent control and fault diagnosis of equipment.



It has a modern professional management team, an information-based efficient office platform and an automatic production workshop, which uses standard Moulds for production and has an annual productivity of 3,000 sets to ensure that the products are delivered on time.



It has an efficient professional service team, making services available anywhere.



It ensures that all customers can have high-tech, high-quality, high-precision, safer products at more favorable prices.



It continuously optimizes the product structure design, configuration and plans to meet the environmental protection design requirements, reduce costs and increase benefits for customers.



Customers Are More at Ease with Guaranteed Services                      More Assured in Use with Guarantees for Products




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